What they say

“It was a privilege to have been involved, to have met like-minded people, to have experienced the hospitality of the Saharawis, to see the beauty of the dunes but the desolation of the Hamada.” Peter Hamilton, UK participant 2009

“This was a life-changing experience for me and it will stay with me for a very long time.” Victoria Bavister, UK participant 2009

“The views were spectacular, especially on the run and in the dunes. The hospitality of the Saharawis was truly touching. It’s an event that anyone who likes a strong  physical challenge or who cares about the Saharawi people absolutely must attend.” UK participant 2009

“Wonderful people, place and community. A week felt like a lifetime, packed with adventure and unforgettabe experiences.” Fleur Hutchinson, UK participant 2010

 “Memorable, interesting and fun. It was stimulating to have a break that makes you pause to think about important international goings-o that you don’t necessarily think about or encounter in everyday life, as well as the physical challenge of the run.“ Julia Lutte, UK participant (and 3rd in Women’s Marathon!) 2010

“It will change your life, you perspective, your priorities, and it might just help to change the lives of people fighting for their fundamental rights to existence. Say no more!” Nina Murray, UK participant 2010

 “Was it what I expected? Would I go back? Would I recommend it? More. Yes. Unreservedly!” Mar Garvey, UK participant 2011

“There is nothing like running through the desert, the villages while being wildly cheered on with the desert call. Howzat!” Alan Gignoux, UK participant 2012

Refugee Tourism: short documentary produced by 3 Run the Sahara 2012 participants, Sarah Clark, Fernande Van Tets and Guilia Zuzic, who while they were in the camps felt compelled to contribute to raising awareness about the Saharawi plight. The film is an account of the presence of foreigners in the refugee camps and the importance of the internationalization of the Saharawi cause. A great inspiration for future runners!

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