Get Involved

Sandblast is a small but dynamic organization which relies on the support and enthusiasm of people like you. There are a number of ways you can get involved to help us raise awareness of the Saharawis and strengthen the impact of our work.

Join the Sandblast community!

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-    Assist at our events
-    Help us design our publicity materials
-    Offer your translations skills in Spanish, French or Arabic
-    Share your IT skills
-    Do some of the boring tasks, like database management
-    Find ways for us to fund-raise online
-    Concoct new marketing ideas

Do an Internship
-    Contribute to our mission
-    Gain valuable experience to further your interests and career

Go to the Camps
Experience Saharawi life firsthand and
1.   Run the Sahara
the annual international solidarity race in aid of the refugees


2. Run a Workshop
Help spread your skills and expertise (without breaking into a sweat!)

Be an Ambassador
-    Take our message forward to your MPs, school, university, village hall, etc.
-    Help us access new platforms for film screenings, presentations, events, etc.

Take Action
- Join online petitions, write letters, contact the media, devise creative ways to take direct action for human rights campaigns. Please click here for more details (which refers you to the Western Sahara UK Campaign website for further actions to take in their ’3 Simple Actions’ campaign)

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